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Project Description

A tool to automatically transfer workouts from Suunto Ambit devices to the sports tracking portal Endomondo.


Problem Statement

  • There are many web based portals offering GPS based exercise/workout tracking using your smartphones. Some of the portals offer minimal integration to a very small amount of sport tracking devices such as GPS watches.
  • Suunto devices are not supported by most of the major portals. Even though Suunto offers its own web based portal, there is a need of integrating with other portals for various reasons
    • compare workout data with your training partner using a different device bound to a different portal
    • analytics/statistics
    • social media support
    • "Social exercising" like competitions and challenges


Project Goals

  • A fully automated integration between sport tracking devices such as Suunto Ambit GPS watch, and 3rd party web based sport tracking systems such as Endomondo.
  • Users should be able to use web based sports tracking portals to track their Suunto recorded workouts without having to manually export and import data.
  • Can be easily extended to support multiple devices/sport tracking portals


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